• Professional Products, Solutions, and Services

  • From how content is created to how it’s distributed and enjoyed by consumers, Dolby has everything you need to make your entertainment experiences look and sound spectacular.
  • Dolby solutions are central to delivering spectacular content.

  • Dolby’s End-to-End Ecosystem

    Together with our partners, Dolby provides powerful hardware and software solutions for artists, developers, sound engineers, distributors, and device manufacturers worldwide.

    Content Creation

    We have the tools, technologies, and support to create, mix, monitor, and produce premium content for all workflows.


    Dolby solutions optimize for today’s distribution mechanisms, including streaming services, live broadcasts, VoD, UHD Blu-ray, gaming, and more.

    Consumer Playback

    Dolby experiences are available for consumers to enjoy on an ever-increasing range of devices from leading manufacturers at all price points.