• SLS CPA7600/CPA7600-I Modular Line Array Series Speaker

  • SLS CPA7600/CPA7600-I: Front view

    • The SLS CPA7600 is a bi-amped, three-way compact line array module with exceptional performance. Utilizing SLS proprietary high-output HF ribbon transducer technology, the cost-effective SLS CPA7600 provides corporate rental houses and system integrators with a new high-fidelity, broad-bandwidth, compact array option. The dedicated 6.5" cone mid-range transducer provides warmth, power, and detail to the critical mid-frequencies, and the dual 6.5" woofers extend the low-frequency response of the system. Capable of being used as a stand-alone system with solid low-frequency response, the CPA7600 becomes a very powerful system when utilized with subwoofers. Due to the high-power handling and low inherent mass of the PRD500 ribbon diaphragm, the CPA7600 reproduces musical content with extended high-frequency response, exceptional transient response, and clarity. The result is a very responsive system with sonic accuracy, exceptional dynamic range, and openness, with high levels of system intelligibility.

      Each section of the bi-amped system presents a nominal 16-ohm load to the amplifier, lowering the total cost of the system. In addition, the rigging frame is designed to attach to the SLS SP1000-series dual-18" subwoofers, providing a stable base for ground-stacked applications.

      Key Features

      • Dual 6.5" woofers, one 6.5" cone mid-range with coplanar-mounted PRD500 ribbon HF
      • Medium-output bi-amped three-way array module in portable or installation "I" models
      • 16Ω/16Ω; minimizes system installation costs
      • Max. output: (Continuous/Peak @1 m) 115 dB/121 dB. NOTE: Use line-array prediction software to calculate SPL at distance
      • Horizontal dispersion: 90°
      • Operating range: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
      • Coverage angles (-6 dB; H x V): 90° x 30° (rotatable)


      • Developed for a wide range of professional applications where the highest quality is required
      • Portable and installed sound reinforcement in ballrooms, performing arts venues, churches, and auditoriums
      • Optional CPA7600RF rigging frame can be flown or ground stacked
      • Optional CPA7600RF-SA rigging frame adapter allows for ground stacking using SP1000 or SP1000P as array base
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