• Dolby Voice

    • Dolby Voice is a breakthrough audio technology that sets a new standard for how you can expect conferencing to sound.

    • Hear the stunning audio quality of Dolby Voice and the Dolby Conference Phone.

    • Dolby Voice Benefits

      • Easy to Hear and Understand

        Delivers exceptional audio clarity through high-definition audio and background noise suppression, eliminating unintelligible conversation.

      • Easy to Participate

        Solves for overlapping conversation and minimizes sound delays, so participants don't get cut off and awkward exchanges are eliminated.

      • Easy to Follow

        Uses spatial audio technology to place voices in distinct locations, so conversations sound more natural.

      • Easy to Access from Anywhere

        Can be used effectively in all environments—desktop, mobile, and the meeting room with the Dolby Conference Phone.

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      • Take audio conferencing far beyond mere connectivity

        Dolby audio innovations have repeatedly opened new possibilities in cinema, home theater, and broadcast sound. Now we've applied our years of audio experience to improving conference calls and video conferencing.

        Conferencing needs to go beyond just connecting people. A software solution, Dolby Voice® uses sophisticated signal processing to eliminate the technology barriers that make traditional conferencing solutions noisy, distracting, and hard to follow. You can fully focus on the business at hand rather than on the connection.

        With Dolby Voice, you can contribute naturally and spontaneously to the conversation, feel a true sense of participation, and know you're being heard.

        You'll benefit from the same feeling and flow that face-to-face meetings provide. When conversations flow, decisions get made. Innovation increases. And distributed teams are more effective.

      • Excellent audio for video meetings and conference calls

    • "The Highfive solution is magic. By adding in Dolby Voice, the audio is unbelievable. Our team meetings are more productive and more enjoyable."

      Simon Zhang, IT Lead, Evernote

    • Cut Costs and Meet Anywhere, Anytime

      Dolby Voice offers economic advantages beyond improved productivity.

      Business and IT Managers

      With Dolby Voice, you don't need to choose between quality, convenience, and cost. Your users will want it because it is better and simpler.

    • Dolby Voice is a breakthrough audio technology that sets a new standard for how you can expect conferencing to sound.

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