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Dolby sponsors First Nations Prize at SF3 Festival

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SmartFone FlickFest (SF3) is a festival that promotes films that have been captured on smartphones with entries coming from across the globe. As a champion of user-generated content and creativity in all its forms, Dolby is a proud sponsor of the festival. In late February, the SF3 awards gala was held and the inaugural recipient of the First Nations Prize was announced.

The First Nations Prize was awarded to 17-year-old emerging filmmaker Kara Rose for her documentary Eight Minutes Forty-Six Seconds. The film’s title is a reference to the amount of time a police officer placed his knee on George Floyd's neck resulting in the latter’s death by asphyxiation. The documentary goes on to draw parallels between the American Civil Rights Movement and the contemporary deaths of Aboriginal people in Australian police custody.

The First Nations Prize includes a new iPad/iPhone Pro and mentoring with three high-profile First Nations media professionals: journalist and producer Stan Grant, actor and director Wayne Blair, and screenwriter Jon Bell.

Watch Rose's winning documentary below and to learn more about the SmartFone FlickFest visit their website.


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Our mission

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