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Episode #109 The sound of Ghost of Tsushima

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Since so much groundbreaking sound work is being created in the world of gaming these days, we've decided to dedicate the next few episodes of this podcast to some of the superstars behind your favorite new video games. Continuing that ongoing coverage, today our colleague Alistair Hirst sits down with the sound team behind Ghost of Tsushima, a giant open world Samurai action game set in feudal Japan. The team took painstaking steps to give players as authentic and immersive an experience as possible. 
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We did an immense amount of research. Every single team did, because we're really having to learn this entire historical time period. It really happened, it really existed. And while taking creative liberties where necessary, we still wanted to do the time period and the content justice.

Brad Meyer, Audio Director, "Ghost of Tsushima"

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