• Dolby at Mobile World Congress 2017

    • Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Entertainment

      We're showcasing exciting new products and technologies at MWC 2017, together with industry-leading partners.

      • As we turn to mobile devices for more and more of our entertainment, we increasingly expect a great experience. Yet while images look better with each generation of smartphones and tablets, the sound quality has often not kept pace.

        At Dolby, we work with the leaders in the mobile market to help deliver truly immersive entertainment on any kind of device. From creating the audio tools essential to revolutionary virtual reality to expanding how we share and enjoy stories on phones and tablets, we're committed to helping mobile innovators deliver the powerful sound that draws audiences fully into any entertainment experience.

      • HDR Wherever You Go

        High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging has changed the way we enjoy our entertainment. If you're like most people, you've come to expect sharp images with bright colors and good detail at the cinema and on your television.

        Dolby Vision takes imaging even further, with astonishing brightness, ultravivid colors, deep darks, and amazing contrast that let you see what you've been missing in movies and TV shows. Now it's possible to get that HDR experience on the one device you carry wherever you go: your phone.

        Dolby Vision for Mobile Dramatic Imaging

        Dolby Atmos for Mobile

        Get breathtaking moving audio from headphones or built-in speakers—sound that flows around and above you.

        Usage trends illustrate a transition toward mobile, device-based consumption for all forms of entertainment. The industry has largely focused on improvements in visual fidelity, leaving behind an important facet of storytelling—sound. Deliver a differentiated entertainment experience with Dolby Atmos® technology. In Dolby Atmos, sound comes from all directions, including overhead, to deliver a moving entertainment experience formerly reserved only for the cinema.

         Dolby Atmos for Mobile Product Sheet

        Dolby Audio for Service Providers

        Let your customers hear the whole story, with audio optimized for smaller speakers and flexible personalization.

        Only 33 percent of users are highly satisfied with their mobile device's audio quality, according to a study by IDC. Dolby Audio™ enables service providers to push the boundaries of mobile entertainment through loud and clear sound, personalization capabilities, 3D and surround sound experiences, and cross-platform functionality. Dolby Audio ensures a spectacular experience, anywhere you are.

        Dolby Audio for Service Providers Product Sheet

        Dolby Audio Capture

        Record and share the full panorama of life in crystal-clear 5.1 surround sound.

        User-generated content (UGC) is the most-watched content on mobile devices, and Dolby Audio Capture with Qualcomm® Fluence™ Pro SSR provides a differentiated experience to this growing audience. Dolby Audio Capture enables users to record and share their own stories in stunning 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus™ surround sound across both mobile and home theater setups.

        Dolby Audio Capture Product Sheet

        Dolby Atmos for VR

        To create a truly compelling VR presentation, audio is every bit as important as video. Dolby Atmos for VR was created to overcome the limitations of channel-based audio, using audio objects that can be moved throughout space, including above—and in VR, even below the audience. It can also create sound beds to complement the spatial elements.


        JPEG-HDR® offers new possibilities for still-image production, bringing photos to life to let users capture and share their memories with the highest integrity. Produce true, high-dynamic-range images in a JPEG-compatible still-photo format for smartphones and other cameras.