• Become a Dolby Voice service provider

    • Dolby means business, and by creatively applying our engineering to today's conferencing needs and infrastructures, we're proving it with Dolby Voice — breakthrough solutions for stunning audio that will delight your customers and help your service stand out.

    • Benefits of Dolby Voice solutions

      • An elevated collaboration experience

        Dolby Voice® solutions set new standards for ease of use and conferencing quality, delivering a measurable increase in meeting productivity.

      • Opportunity growth

        We built our solutions from the ground up to address today's demand for high-quality collaboration across room and remote scenarios using audio and video conferencing.

      • A desirable differentiator for your service

        Dolby Voice software provides superior audio quality backed by the strength of the Dolby brand and technology, so your customers have a new reason to use and love your service.

      • IT- and user-friendly design

        Dolby engineering makes it easy for IT to deploy, manage, and scale from the huddle room to the boardroom to mobile and desktop — and easy for everyone to start, join, and manage meetings.

      • Multiple integration options

        Simply integrate our hardware with your service, and add the full Dolby Voice audio experience for enhanced capabilities and greater differentiation.

      • Robust, reliable, scalable platform

        Designed for today's service architectures, work spaces, and work styles, Dolby Voice is established in the market with some of the world's leading conferencing service providers.

      • ドルビーボイスは、強力なオーディオプラットフォームと、入念に設計されたオーディオハードウェアを組み合わせており、顧客の増え続けるニーズに対応し、小規模なミーティングから役員会向けの会議室まで、音声会議でもビデオ会議でも、モバイル機器でもPCでも、場所を問わずにコラボレーションができます。