• WEEE / Packaging / Battery Information

    • Dolby products should be disposed of in a responsible manner in accordance with applicable laws and legislation and with due consideration for any potential environmental impact. Where relevant, third party websites/organizations are listed below which provide further information regarding the safe and responsible disposal of Dolby products in your respective country. Please note that Dolby accepts no responsibility for the information provided by such third parties.

      Dolby Registrations

      Belgium WEEE

      Bd. Auguste Reyers 80
      Diamant Building - S6
      1030 Bruxelles

      France Batteries

      8 rue Edouard Naud
      92 130 Issy les Moulineaux
      Registration number: 471075

      Germany WEEE

      Bitkom Servicegesellschaft mbH
      Albrechtstrasse 10
      10117 Berlin
      Registration number: DE 77890422

      Germany Packaging

      Landbell AG
      Rheinstr. 4 K-L
      55116 Mainz
      Registration number: 4201546

      Germany Batteries

      Stiftung GRS Batterien
      Heidenkampsweg 44
      20097 Hamburg
      Registration number: 14022601

      The Netherlands WEEE

      ICT Milieu
      Pompmolenlaan 7
      3447GK Woerden

      Postbus 190
      2700 AD Zoetermeer
      Registration number: 3797

      The Netherlands Batteries

      Antwoordnummer 10239
      2700VB Zoetermeer
      Registration number: 40451

      Poland WEEE

      CCR RELECTRA Organizacja Odzysku Sprzetu
      Elektrycznego i Elektronicznego S.A.
      Al. Niepodleglosci 124 lok. 18
      02-577 Warszawa
      Registration number: E0019262W

      Sweden WEEE and Batteries

      El Kretsen AB
      Klara Norra Kyrkogata 31
      111 83 Stockholm

      Sweden Packaging

      FTI AB
      Magnus Ladulasgatan 63A
      104 62 Stockholm
      Registration number: 17272504

      Switzerland WEEE

      Swico Recycling
      Business Office
      Hardturmstrasse 103
      8005 Zürich

      Switzerland Batteries

      Eigerplatz 2
      3007 Bern
      Registration number: 10000784

      United Kingdom WEEE

      Valpak Limited
      Unit 4
      Montague House
      Stratford-upon-Avon Business and Technology Park
      Banbury Road, Stratford-upon-Avon
      Warwickshire, CV37 7GW
      Registration number: WEE/DB4235XX

    • Our Environmental Commitment

      At Dolby, we are committed to working toward improved environmental sustainability in our business activities.

    • External Links with Waste Information for Select Countries and Regions

      Recycling information provided by third-party websites / organizations (please note that Dolby accepts no responsibility for the information provided by third-parties):