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    Deadpool in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

  • Director Tim Miller and crew explain how they used Dolby Atmos® and Dolby Vision™ while making Deadpool.

    • Sound plays an important role in Deadpool, and director Tim Miller appreciates not just the sound quality but the control that Dolby Atmos gives the sound mixers: "Dolby Atmos does a lot to enable that really focused space for the mixers to carve out exactly what they want the audience to hear, in a way other formats can't."

      Miller is equally enthusiastic about Dolby Vision. "Suddenly you're seeing a level of detail that you didn't see before and a level of brightness that wasn't there. It's just a beautiful format." He expands, "You see it at a level of clarity that would make all the film crew proud. It's just a real visceral experience."

      He sums it up: "Seeing Deadpool for the first time in Dolby Vision and hearing it for the first time in Dolby Atmos, it was just awesome."

      Dolby Vision is available only at Dolby Cinema™ locations. Click here to learn more.