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    Suicide Squad in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

  • Makeup, lighting, and Dolby technologies bring Suicide Squad to life in the cinema.

  • The movie's colorist and lead makeup artist talk about how Dolby® technologies shape viewers' experience of the story.

    • Revealing Detail in Colors, Textures, and Characters

      A panel discussion after a recent screening of Suicide Squad at the Dolby Cinema™ at the Vine Theatre in Hollywood brought together Katie Jordan, the movie's colorist, Christopher Allen Nelson, lead makeup artist, and moderator and senior reporter Matt Donnelly of entertainment website The Wrap.

      Working with characters who range from bad to worse and an emotional storyline that moves from dark to darker, the colorist found that Dolby Vision™ imaging freed her to bring out new depth in the visuals. "The amazing thing is that there's so much detail in the dark shadows that you don't get a lot of places, so … you just see more,'" Jordan said.

      Nelson recalled talking with the film crew and the director to scope out their creative decisions before he planned "the paint job"—or makeup—for each character: "How's this going to be shot? Are you going to desaturate it? How's it going to be lit? When you're doing the makeup tests, before you even shoot one minute of the movie, you're designing the paint scheme and the makeup based on the information that you get from them, and you develop it over tests and time."

      "Can we talk about the sound?" the makeup artist asked Donnelly, describing the Dolby Atmos® sound as a complement to the depth of the visuals. Unlike other movie theatres, where the sound is much too loud, Nelson said, "it was loud enough, and it was crisp. It was crisp enough, but it wasn't piercing."

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