• Escape

    The Visual Design of Escape

    • To create this world, Dolby's content design team partnered with the animators at Moonbot Studios to combine real-world models with computer-generated animation. The film avoids dialogue and instead uses facial expressions, visual effects, and music to communicate with a global audience. For the film shoot, the animators created and used a 30-by-40-foot model of the planet's landscape as a background. They used high-dynamic-range cameras to capture the movements of large monolithic objects wrapped in vines against this background. "We chose to do miniatures and optically captured real stuff mashed together into a brilliant, vibrant fantasy story," says director Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot.

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    • A main goal of this piece was to design a desolate world that is transformed into a beautiful, healthy planet. The animators carefully controlled the color palette to give the audience a sense of the changing environment. Making the barren landscape too dark might make the overall piece visually unappealing; making the transformed landscape too bright could make it less lifelike. Using high-dynamic-range Dolby Vision imaging allowed the animators to work with a much wider range of brightness, contrast, and color than would be available with standard digital imaging technologies. For example, the highly saturated red of the monster's eyes pops off the screen, adding to the sense of menace as the beast pursues the movie's heroine.

      Dolby Vision brings brightness, detail, and depth to this tale of invention in the face of overwhelming challenges.

    • Escape

      In Escape, a lone space explorer crash-lands on a desolate planet and must find a way to make her new home habitable.

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