• Shane Dawson's Selfie Revolution

  • Shane Dawson uses Dolby Audio to create sophisticated sound for his latest web production, I Hate My Selfie 2.

    • Shane Dawson's new short film, I Hate Myselfie 2, launches with help from the Dolby® Institute's Made-for-Web Audio Program. 

      Since 2008, Shane has posted hundreds of videos to his YouTube® channel, ShaneDawsonTV, amassing 6.5 million subscribers and an amazing one billion views. 

      In 2015, Shane published a book, I Hate My Selfie: A Collection of Essays, which became a New York Times best seller. The second short film to come from the book, I Hate My Selfie 2 follows Shane's experience trying out for his high school musical, with Shane's trademark darkly comedic take on contemporary life. In preparing this film, Shane and director Michael Gallagher turned to Dolby for help to make a spectacular audio experience.

      Shane Dawson
      Watch this exclusive behind-the scenes video on YouTube.

      "Sound is one of my favorite parts of the process," said Shane. "If you have a great-looking video, if the sound is [lousy], the whole thing is [lousy.]"

      "We were excited to help Shane and Michael tell this hysterically funny story," said Dolby Institute director Glenn Kiser. "The musical moments gave great opportunities for subjective sound treatment and an immersive 5.1 experience—you get inside the characters' heads and experience those songs as their own reality." 

      "Sound becomes a character in the movie," explained director Michael Gallagher. "There's a whole soundscape we're trying to create."

      See "I Hate My Selfie 2" on YouTube.

      Made-for-Web Productions and the Dolby Institute

      There's been a sharp increase in the visual quality of made-for-digital productions, with creators incorporating more sophisticated cameras, lighting, and effects in order to deliver motion-picture quality results.

      Dolby Institute's Made-for-Web Audio Program will continue to identify more new, high-profile projects with notable content creators.

      It's all a part of our mission to educate and inspire content creators on the creative use of picture and sound as storytelling tools.

    • "I think mixing and making content in 5.1 really helps engulf the viewer in the movie. You get to be part of the experience."

      Michael Gallagher, Director