Fullscreen's The Outfield comes to life with the help of Dolby Audio.

  • The Outfield puts the audience on the playing field.

    • In The Outfield, Jack Sanders (Nash Grier) is torn between his two talents: baseball and art. When his plan to pursue a baseball scholarship is complicated by the efforts of a new art teacher, Jack leans on his friends Frankie (Cameron Dallas) and Austin (Joey Bragg) to help him discover who he wants to be.

      Sound plays a critical role in bringing the world of The Outfield to life. From the crack of a bat hitting a baseball to a runner's sliding into base to the encouraging cheers of the crowd, the sounds of baseball transport you to the field. As co-director Eli Gonda says, "Unless you're hearing that texture, you're never going to fully engage with that world, and that's what sound gives you."

      With some help from a postproduction grant from the Dolby Made-for-Web Audio Program, sound designer Nathan Ruyle was able to spend time gathering original sounds to add realism to the production, even hiring local high school baseball players to spend a day hitting, running, and sliding for his microphones.

      The support also allowed the filmmakers to make an immersive 5.1 sound mix, which can be experienced when the film premieres on iTunes®. "5.1 makes you feel like you're actually a participant," says co-writer and co-director Michael Goldfine.

      Enjoy The Outfield in 5.1 Dolby Audio™ today.

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  • "Part of what's great about working with Dolby is being able to show audiences just exactly the kind of craft that goes into elevated digital content."

    Gil Kruger, Producer, The Outfield