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    Cars 3 Blazes Across the Screen in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

  • Visually stunning and with spectacular sound, Cars 3 pulls viewers deep into the story.

  • Cars 3 is a movie you must see in the cinema, say the cast and crew.

    • After his star turns in the Disney•Pixar animation hits Cars and Cars 2, Lightning McQueen rounds the speedway in Cars 3 expecting his usual win — only to be outpaced by the younger and sleeker Jackson Storm.

      With his Rust-Eze sponsorship decals a bit loose on his red frame, Lightning (voiced by Owen Wilson) is neither as up-to-date nor as fast as the low-slung competitor (voiced by Armie Hammer) tearing up the track behind him in stunning black and purple.

      Dolby Atmos® audio delivers the roar of blazing-fast cars racing along the speedway in front of cheering racetrack fans, and director Brian Fee loves the effect on viewers: "We can put the audience in the film further than we ever could before, and the sound is spectacular, absolutely the most immersive experience you could possibly have."

      The ultravivid colors and deep contrasts of Dolby Vision™ heighten the effect, pulling moviegoers into the action. Actor Nathan Fillion comments that "Pixar always comes out with visually stunning products. It captures the imagination."

      "You have to see [Cars 3] in a Dolby® theatre," says Cristela Alfaro, who plays Cruz Ramirez, a young race technician who works with a dispirited Lightning to get him mentally tuned up and ready to roll. "It's got the action, it's jam-packed, it's got the noises that help you kind of embrace the world better."

      Executive producer John Lasseter agrees: "We love to make movies to be seen in a shared audience experience in the cinema — and to have Dolby always making it the highest quality."

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