• Filmmaker Profile

    Escape to La La Land in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

  • With Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, this critically acclaimed modern musical shines.

  • The filmmakers share how Dolby technologies help bring this Los Angeles love story to life.

    • La La Land tells the story of two struggling artists finding solace and support in each other while pursuing their dreams in modern-day Los Angeles. The film is a dazzling feast of sight, sound, and true romance—made even more extraordinary with Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos®.

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      Go behind the scenes to discover how the year’s best films used the magic of Dolby technology.

  • Blade Runner 2049 in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

    Director Denis Villeneuve discusses the film's sound design and imagery. Watch the video >