Ready Player One Jumps Out of the Screen in Dolby Cinema

  • Steven Spielberg's latest sci-fi blockbuster combines dazzling visuals, immersive sound, and explosive action for a spectacular experience.

  • Oscar® winning director Steven Spielberg talks about his new movie's sound design and imagery.

    • Step into the OASIS, filled with dazzling lights, beautiful people, fast cars, and wondrous cityscapes — where anything is possible. 

      In Ready Player One, the blockbuster from director Steven Spielberg, Wade Watts and his friends escape ordinary life in their wreck of a city in 2045 by reaching for virtual reality goggles, transforming into their avatars, and going on a quest. 

      They seek three keys to help them find the prize: an Easter egg hidden by OASIS founder James Halliday before his death. Whoever finds the egg will receive Halliday's massive fortune and take control of the magical world, with unimaginable power. 

      Spielberg, who directed blockbusters such as Jaws and E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial, says, "Dolby Cinema makes our films just sort of jump out of the screen. It is so vivid, a sound and light experience ..."

      With blazing computer graphics in the movie's virtual world comprising more than half the movie, Dolby Vision brings out the CGI's ultravivid colors, as well as the deep shadows and dark tones of the dreary world that Wade wants to escape. The movie's 1980s soundtrack and explosive action scenes pulse and move around you in Dolby Atmos, putting you inside the story. 

       Experience Ready Player One in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision