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    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Comes to Your Galaxy in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

  • The latest title in the Star Wars saga continues a long legacy of the filmmakers using Dolby technology to create unforgettable cinematic experiences.

  • The cast and crew of Rogue One share how Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision help make audiences feel immersed in the Star Wars universe.

    • In 1977, Star Wars virtually redefined what audiences could experience at the movies in terms of storytelling, world building, and sight and sound technology. Since then, Dolby and the legendary space-opera saga have shared a long history as their own Rebel Alliance of sorts—one that's continuously innovated to push cinema sound and vision to new heights.

      From the Star Wars premiere in Dolby Stereo®, to The Phantom Menace premiering in Dolby Digital Surround EX™ (1999), to The Force Awakens introduced in Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos® (2015), the saga continues with Rogue One screening in Dolby Cinema™ at theatres all over the world. As Walt Disney Chairman Alan Horn puts it: "I think Dolby has historically and still today represents the forefront of technology. I know when that Dolby insignia comes up, I'm in for an exciting experience."

      "Dolby Vision is a wonderful step forward," says John Knoll, CCO/SVP Visual Effects, Industrial Light and Magic. "It looks so much better when you have that larger palette to work from. It's just a better experience." Industrial Light and Magic visual effects animator Hal Hickel concurs: "It was just amazing—like looking through a window at the real world. It puts you in the world of Star Wars, and nothing can be better."

      Star Wars films have been just as revered for their iconic sound design as for their groundbreaking visuals. Rogue One composer Michael Giacchino says, "Dolby Atmos is all about storytelling. It gives us a lot more opportunity for really cool effects and things we want to do. When you listen to it, it's so fun because you really feel like you're in the middle of it."

      "There's a long tradition of Star Wars pushing technology," says Rogue One director Gareth Edwards. "It's sort of appropriate that Rogue One gets to do this as well. You've got to see it with a group on the big screen ... There are event movies, and there's Star Wars. You've got to come to the cinema to see this."

      Dolby Vision is available only at Dolby Cinema locations. Discover Dolby Cinema.