• Dolby Digital Recorder CAT542

    • Dolby Digital Recorder CAT542 software records an encoded Dolby Digital data stream to disc as a Dolby Digital (.ac3) file.

      • Dolby® Digital Recorder CAT542 software works as part of an equipment package from Dolby that, when partnered with a Windows® PC, lets you create a workstation to encode Dolby Digital for DVD.

        Accessible and Affordable

        The equipment package makes Dolby Digital an affordable and accessible technology for music and postproduction studios that prepare, mix, and encode 5.1-channel audio for DVD. The system consists of the following hardware and software:

        • Dolby Digital Recorder CAT542: Software that takes an encoded Dolby Digital data stream from the Dolby DP569 and records it to disc as a Dolby Digital (.ac3) file
        • Dolby Digital Multichannel Encoder DP569: A 1-U rackmount device that encodes 5.1 audio channels and metadata into a Dolby Digital stream
        • Dolby Multichannel Audio Decoder DP564: A 2-U rackmount device that decodes Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic® streams
        • DolbyRemote: Software that controls the Dolby Digital Multichannel Encoder DP569

        User Friendly

        This versatile system features user-friendly desktop control with the reliability and speed of a hardware-based system. You can easily deliver Dolby Digital audio files from the recording studio to the authoring station on a removable disc or CD-R, or send them over a network.

        In addition to the encoded audio, Dolby Digital carries metadata that is input during encoding to control audio parameters in a consumer decoder.

        Control Metadata Parameters

        Choosing the correct values for metadata parameters is a vital step in the Dolby Digital encoding process.

        You can now set metadata values in your own facility with the confidence that consumers will experience audio as close as possible to what you intended.

        This system can also fit into your existing DVD facility as a perfect upgrade to real-time multichannel audio coding, freeing up time on the DVD authoring station and making the entire process more efficient.

      • Broadcast Solutions

        Look to Dolby for the comprehensive tools, content services, and solutions you need to create, distribute, and deliver the highest-quality audio and imaging content.

      • Simultaneous Encoding and Recording

        The DolbyRemote and Dolby Digital Recorder CAT542 software can simultaneously control the Dolby Digital Multichannel Encoder DP569 and write the encoded .ac3 file to the hard disk on a Windows PC.

      • Extensive Recording Capabilities

        Record .ac3 files (including time stamps) compatible with all DVD-authoring platforms, insert data seamlessly into the encoded audio using the punch-in time display, and perform nondestructive editing.

      • Quality Control Features

        The system gives you complete quality control. It lets you play back and record frame errors and generate an error log file, compare and verify actual bitstream and reference SMPTE time stamps, and more.

      • DolbyRemote Capabilities

        DolbyRemote lets you use the Input level and Dynamic Range Compression meters for visual feedback while setting metadata parameters. You can also control multiple Dolby DP569 units from a single instance of the DolbyRemote application.

      • CAT542 Specifications

        Computer Requirements

        The Dolby DVD encoding system requires a PC running Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP with standard serial ports to control the Dolby Digital Multichannel Encoder DP569, and an unused expansion slot for a digital soundcard with an AES/EBU or S/PDIF input. A separate hard drive is recommended to store Dolby Digital data files, which require approximately 3 MB storage per minute of audio.

        Soundcard Information for the Dolby Digital Recorder

        Use the contact information in the Find a Dealer box at top right to learn more about compatible soundcards. When using Windows 2000, Dolby Digital recorder requires at least Service Pack 2 to be installed.

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