• Dolby CineExport DCP Export Plug-in for Apple Compressor

      • Dolby® CineExport is a plug-in for Apple® Compressor used to convert Final Cut Pro® sequences and popular media formats to 2D or 3D DCI-compliant digital cinema packages (DCPs) at resolutions up to 4K. MPEG-2-encoded DCPs and H.264- encoded DCPs can also be created for alternative content and compatible players. The Pro version of CineExport allows for the generation of encrypted DCPs along with key delivery message (KDM) generation for encrypted content.


        Dolby Cineexport Key Features

        • Easily convert popular video formats to DCP
        • Easily convert Final Cut Pro sequences to DCP
        • Compatible with all formats supported by Compressor 3.5.3 and 4.0
        • Standard and Pro versions available
        • XYZ color-space conversion
        • Adjust frame rate
        • Uses digital cinema naming convention
        • Stereoscopic support
        • Custom LUT support
        • High-frame-rate support, up to 96 frames per second (fps)
        • Adjust resolution (up to 4K supported)
        • Create DCPs with subtitles
        • Interop and SMPTE packaging formats supported
        • Certificate manager (Pro version only)
        • Generate encrypted DCPs (Pro version only)
        • Generate KDMs for encrypted content (Pro version only)
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        Dolby has acquired cinema-server leader Doremi, increasing the breadth of our offerings and expertise in the highly competitive cinema landscape.

      • Dolby CineExport DCP Export Plug-in for Apple Compressor

        System Requirements: Mac

        • OS X®: 10.7.X to 10.11.X
        • Compressor: versions 3.53 and 4.0
        • RAM: 4 GB minimum; 8 GB recommended
        • CPU:Intel® Core™ 2 duo minimum; Core i7 quad core or Xeon® recommended

        Supported Output Formats

        JPEG 2000 DCP
        • 2D and 3D at up to 4K resolution
        • Bit rate up to 250 Mbps (500 Mbps for frame rates above 30 fps)
        • XYZ (YCxCz for 3D) color conversion
        MPEG-2 DCP
        • I-Only or Long GOP
        • 1080p up to 80 Mbps
        H.264 DCP
        • 1080p up to 50 Mbps
      • Dolby CineExport Documents

        Product Sheet

        Dolby CineExport Product Sheet

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