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    • Dolby Fidelio wireless audio system

      • Dolby Fidelio is a wireless audio system that delivers both Hearing Impaired (HI) for hard-of-hearing patrons, and Visually Impaired Narration (VI) for visually impaired patrons. The system includes a transmitter which integrates with your digital cinema server, a charging station with configuration tablet that allows your staff to charge and program receivers for use in any equipped auditorium.

        The charging station can accommodate 10 receivers. The tablet can program receivers to provide HI on both ears, VI on both ears, or HI and VI together (one for each ear). These configurations allow you to give your guests the experience they prefer.

        The Fidelio receiver can be used with the supplied plug-in headset, or patrons can use their own headset/earphones. Users control the volume on the device, allowing them to get the best experience possible.


        • Compact audio receiver
        • Audio receiver provides a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack
        • Audio transmitter connects to Dolby digital cinema servers* via audio cable and USB connection
        • Charging station for 10 receiver units
        • Configure the auditorium and channel (HI or VI) assignment through a touch-screen tablet

        * Excluding legacy Dolby DSP/DSS servers

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