• Dolby Live Event Player LE100

      • The Dolby® LE100 is a 1-U rack unit live-broadcast receiver and player that allows live content to be recorded and saved as an Interop Digital Cinema Package. The Dolby LE100 also incorporates standard DVR functionality for live and stored events.

        The Dolby LE100 plays files with bit rates up to 50 Mbps and has native support for MPEG-2, H.264, and VC-1 codecs. Using Ethernet or USB, the Dolby LE100 can also accept numerous alternative-content file formats for display.

        The Dolby LE100 offers dual HDMI® as well as dual 3G HD-SDI outputs. With these I/O options and support for full-resolution 3D, the Dolby LE100 can be connected to most 2D or 3D displays, including dual-projector setups. The Dolby LE100 is controlled using a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) from any computer on the network or even from a wirelessly connected laptop or tablet. This allows you easy access to device settings and playlist control. SNMP is also supported for remote monitoring.

        Dolby LE100 Key Features

        • Live playback of IP transport stream, up to 1080p 60
        • Transport stream packaged as a DCI-compliant DCP on the fly and recorded to local storage (delayed playback)
        • Dual 3G HD-SDI outputs
        • Dual HDMI outputs
        • Support for MPEG-2, H.264, and VC-1 codecs at bit rates up to 50 Mbps
        • Internal storage that supports more than 40 hours of recording
        • Playlist support
        • 3D support
        • Network setup through web-based GUI, serial port, or USB
        • SNMP monitoring
        • Web-based control and monitoring
        • API for third-party developers to program IP control
        • Shareable DCPs through USB or Ethernet
        • Subtitle support
        • Support for IP streaming output to up to four devices