• SLS 3-Axis Speaker MA390C

    • SLS 3-Axis Speaker MA390C

      • The SLS 3-Axis Speaker MA390C system has been developed to reduce the time and expense involved with installing overhead speakers needed for Dolby Atmos® cinema applications.

        Featuring a 300 W, 12” coaxial full-range speaker and passive crossover, the MA390C is housed in a spherical shaped, molded enclosure that enables quick installation and easy three-axis rotation for fulfilling Dolby Atmos aiming configurations.

        Choose from the FCT-24 flat ceiling kit which allows you to mount the speaker below the grid ceiling. If the speaker will obstruct the top of the projector image, use the RCT-24 Recessed Ceiling Kit which can reduce projector sight line obstructions.

        The MA390C also works equally well for side and rear surrounds when used with the optional WMA-15 Wall-Mount Rigging Kit.


        • Replaces a 2’ x 2’ (0.6 × 0.6 m) ceiling tile when used with optional rigging kit
        • Reduces Dolby Atmos ceiling speaker installation time by not requiring any rigging hardware attached to building truss other than a simple safety cable
        • Ceiling grid supports the speaker and optional rigging kit
        • Ceiling tile rigging kits do not break plenum space
        • 12” coaxial speaker rated @300 W-RMS, 96 dB sensitivity
        • Spherical shaped speaker enclosure design that allows for quick installation and easy aiming with three-axis movement capabilities
        • Ships ready to install from a single point, (typically all-thread) giving the user three-axis (pan, tilt, and rotation) adjustments without the need for additional brackets or hardware
        • Two overhead rigging kits available: FCT-24, RCT-24
        • WMA-15 Wall-Mount Kit