• Dolby Media Encoder

    • The Dolby Media Encoder Client sends jobs over a network to a centralized server running the Dolby Media Encoder Server. You can install any number of additional client seats to meet the needs of large postproduction facilities.

      • Faster-Than-Real-Time Encoding

        The Dolby® Media Encoder provides custom metadata instruction for each job that is then submitted to the encoder for processing and encoding. Multiple clients can address the Dolby Media Encoder on a centralized server, or each client computer can encode jobs locally on the client computer.

        • Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos®
        • Dolby TrueHD
        • Dolby Digital Plus™ with Dolby Atmos
        • Dolby Digital Plus
        • Dolby Digital
        • MLP Lossless™
        • Advanced 96k upsampling option for Dolby TrueHD

        Versatile Capabilities

        Dolby Media Encoder offers powerful mastering features with comprehensive project and file-management capabilities. It also:

        • Uses Dolby Atmos printmasters for encoding in both Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus
        • Automatically generates the 5.1 Dolby Digital presentation from the Dolby Atmos printmaster
        • Works with timecode within your channel-based PCM broadcast wave files or with the timecode embedded in your Dolby Atmos printmaster
        • Sophisticated metadata for all presentations and formats
        • Uses Dolby Digital Plus secondary audio encodes with AAF automation for Blu-ray™ commentary tracks
        • Options for optimization of datarates and file sizes
        • Comprehensive logging of encoded jobs and data used for downstream authoring and documentation of all metadata parameters
        • Hotjob option for instantaneous encoding submission with preset metadata
        • All capabilities in the Dolby Media Encoder Server are also available locally on the client computer

        Additionally, Dolby Digital Plus secondary audio encoding supports the importing of AAF files for embedding dynamic mix metadata.

      • The Dolby Media Producer Suite

        A complete range of software applications for encoding Blu-ray Disc, Ultra HD, file-based and OTT audio content, the Dolby Media Producer Suite includes these applications:

      • Dolby Media Producer Suite v.2.0 Hardware Requirements

        • Mac® Pro 4.1 or later (6.1 preferred)
        • Intel® Quad-core processors (2 × 2.26 GHz) or better
        • Mac OS X® version 10.8.5 or 10.9.5
        • 8 GB RAM
        • PACE iLok USB smart key

        For more information about iLok USB smart keys, please visit  www.iLok.com.

      • Dolby Media Encoder Client Documents

        Data Sheet

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