• SLS CPA6600V2/CPA6600V2-I Modular Line Array Series

    • SLS CPA6600V2/CPA6600V2-I: Front view

      • The SLS CPA6600V2 is a compact, broad-bandwidth line array module designed for small-to-medium rooms that require exceptional performance and accuracy. Utilizing the SLS proprietary high-output HF ribbon transducer technology, this cost-effective system provides system integrators with a high-fidelity, broad-bandwidth, small-format array option.

        Due to the high-power handling and low inherent mass of the ribbon diaphragm, the SLS CPA6600V2 reproduces musical content with extended high-frequency response, exceptional transient response, and clarity. The result is openness, responsiveness, and accuracy in live music reproduction, with high levels of system intelligibility.

        The CPA6600V2 is a passive two-way system, utilizing a new, high-performance 6.5" transducer with SLS PRD500 HF ribbon and presenting a nominal 16-ohm load to the amplifier, which lowers the total cost of the system. The speaker also utilizes the SLS coplanar symmetrical driver arrangement, enhancing horizontal coverage consistency with a new woofer that provides solid low-frequency response to 65 Hz, and, when coupled with a subwoofer, provides exceptional broad-bandwidth system performance.

        The CPA6600V2 is available in either a portable version with NL4 inputs (CPA6600V2), or an installation "I" version with barrier-strip inputs. Both versions are available in black (-BK), white (-WH), or paintable (-NA) finishes.

        Key Features

        • One 6.5" woofer with coplanar-mounted PRD500 ribbon HF driver
        • Medium-output passive two-way array module in portable orinstallation "I" models
        • 16Ω; minimizes system installation costs
        • Max. output (Continuous/Peak @1 m): 115 dB/121 dB
        • Horizontal dispersion: 90°
        • Operating range: 62 Hz to 20 kHz
        • Coverage angles (-6 dB; H x V): 90° x 30° (rotatable)


        • Developed for a wide range of professional applications where the highest quality is required
        • Portable and installed sound reinforcement in ballrooms, performing arts venues, churches, and auditoriums
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