• SLS CPC1210P Column Line Array Series Speaker

  • SLS CPC1210P

    • The SLS CPC1210P is a self-powered, compact, high-output column line-source system featuring a factory-matched, on-board Powersoft amplifier. A true, powered line-source array, the SLS CPC1210P consists of twelve 5" woofers and ten 5" high-output planar ribbon high-frequency drivers. The ribbon HF drivers are mounted in a coplanar configuration, positioned in front of the woofers to provide even, consistent horizontal coverage.

      The line-source behavior of the CPC1210P provides excellent vertical pattern control, and a single CPC1210P provides good LF pattern control below 500 Hz. The CPC1210P can also be stacked in multiples, providing additional vertical coverage, higher system output, and better low-frequency vertical pattern control at lower frequencies.

      The CPC1210P is unique in its ability to couple the aesthetic and pattern-control benefits of a low-profile column line array, with the exceptional clarity and fidelity inherent in a ribbon HF driver-based system. The waveform characteristics of a ribbon driver naturally match the waveform requirements for line-source coupling, while avoiding the inherent performance trade-offs of a compression driver feeding a waveform-shaping manifold. The ribbons are specifically engineered for the power-handling and output required for demanding professional audio applications.

      Key Features

      • Powered column array with twelve 5" extended LF woofers and ten 5" planar ribbon drivers
      • XLR analog input with an unprocessed loop-through output
      • Four presets are available, including full-range, high SPL, wall-mount, and an 80 Hz 24 dB/oct
      • Modular: can be used singly or in multiples
      • Operating range: 75 Hz to 20 kHz


      • Developed for a wide range of professional applications wherethe highest quality is required
      • Sound reinforcement in churches and auditoriums
      • Stack columns to achieve taller vertical sound field for raked seating applications
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