• SLS LS6593V2

    • The SLS LS6593v2 line array module represents a breakthrough in high-performance, compact line-array loudspeaker technology. Utilizing patented ribbon planar drivers, this unique design concept provides different options for vertical dispersion, allowing versatile system configuration for a variety of applications. This modular concept allows for cost-effective design solutions by stacking modules as needed to increase vertical coverage, throw distance, and low-frequency pattern control. It is one of the most flexible and cost-effective tools based on modern technology principles available for your designs.

      The SLS LS6593v2 concept is based on a woofer line array with a coaxially positioned (coplanar) ribbon tweeter array. The woofer array consists of six 5.25" drivers, while the tweeter array consists of ten 3" proprietary PRD250 ribbon planar drivers.

      The new upgraded design features from the original version include dual NL4 inputs with barrier strip, 12-ohm input impedance, configurable passive/active, (10) PRD250 ribbons for improved high-frequency coupling, included coupling plates, and optional SLS provided mounting solutions.

      Key Features

      • Six 5.25" woofer with ten coplanar-mounted PRD250 ribbon HF drivers
      • Medium-output configurable (passive or bi-amp) true line-source array module
      • 12Ω; minimizes system installation costs (up to four modules per amp channel)
      • Weatherized construction, extruded aluminum enclosure
      • Horizontal dispersion: 100°


      • Especially effective in highly reverberant and/or elongated spaces
      • Sound reinforcement in churches, auditoriums, ballrooms, and theme parks
      • Paging in difficult acoustic environments such as airports and subways
      • Stack columns to achieve taller vertical sound field for raked-seating applications
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