• SLS LS8800/LS8800-I Modular Line Array Series Speaker

  • SLS LS8800/LS8800-I: Front view

    • The SlS LS8800 is a full-range, bi-amped, true line-source array module. While compact in size, it meets high SPL line-array performance requirements for a wide variety of venues. Typical generated listening area SPL can be up to 115dB.

      The SLS LS8800 high-frequency section features a high-performance PRD1200 planar ribbon transducer designed and manufactured by SLS Audio. The unique design and properties of the planar ribbon driver allow precise acoustical coupling of the array, and, therefore, full utilization of line source (cylindrical waves) benefits.

      The low-frequency section employs two high-powered 8" drivers using a demodulation ring magnet system that provides a third less harmonic distortion and reduces inductance modulation by 50 percent. This produces an open and clear sound despite loud listening levels. Additionally, the low-frequency drivers feature a die-cast basket with a patented Intercooler system.

      The LS8800 is available in both portable and installation "I" versions. Portable versions include handles and dual-NL4 inputs. Installation "-I" versions are equipped with handles and barrier-strip inputs. Both versions are available in black (-BK), white (-WT), or paintable/natural (-NA) finishes.

      Key Features

      • Dual 8" woofers with one PRD1200 high-output planar ribbon HF driver
      • High-output bi-amped two-way array module in portable or installation "I" models
      • Max. output: (Continuous/Peak @1 m) 122 dB/128 dB. NOTE: Use line-array prediction software to calculate SPL at a distance
      • Horizontal dispersion: 90°
      • Operating range: 72 Hz to 20 kHz


      • Developed for a wide range of professional applications where the highest quality is required
      • Portable and installed sound reinforcement in ballrooms, performing arts venues, churches, and auditoriums
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