• SLS SP1000 Professional Subwoofer

  • SLS SP1000: Front view

    • The SLS SP1000 is a dual-18" portable subwoofer. It includes built-in casters and skid rails for self-contained portability. The skid rails also provide indexing when stacking subwoofer arrays.

      The SP1000 uses an integrated 8"-deep pole-socket mount, so any speaker with a pole-mount type adapter can be used with the subwoofer.

      The 18" drivers for the SLS SP1000 use a neodymium magnet structure and high-temperature voice coil with modern manufacturing techniques, resulting in a very durable and efficient design.

      Key Features

      • 1,200 W dual-18" portable subwoofer
      • Includes integrated corner casters, handles, pole-socket, and rigging points
      • 4Ω, NL4 inputs
      • Operating range: 33 Hz to 120 Hz
      • Max. output (continuous/peak @ 1 m): 128 dB/134 dB
      • Available in Black finish only


      • Developed for a wide range of professional applications where the highest quality and intelligibility of sound are required
      • Portable systems in corporate rental, live performance, and portable church applications
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