• SLS SP212P Professional Subwoofer

  • SLS SP212P: Front view

    • The SLS SP212P is a compact portable dual-12" powered subwoofer, equipped with a two-channel, DSP-processed Powersoft amplifier. One channel provides power to the subwoofer, while the other channel is routed to an NL4 output to power the passive companion speaker. A complete stand-alone speaker system can therefore be created with one SP212P, mounting pole, and companion speaker. Four DSP presets (8190/8290, 114RT-PXO, CPC1210, and an unequalized high-passed 80 Hz output) are provided to quickly optimize the performance of both the sub and the companion loudspeakers.

      The SLS SP212P is designed to be used for corporate rental, live performance, and portable church applications. As a powered sub with an additional 600 W (8-ohm)/1,000 W (4 ohm) DSP-processed output channel, the SP212P simplifies the process of setting up portable systems, and reduces costs by removing the need for a separate rack, amps, processor, and powered companion loudspeaker. The SP212P also features an unprocessed loop-through line-level XLR connector to route signals to additional units, minimizing cabling requirements.

      Equipped with two high-power 12" woofers with neodymium magnet structures, the SLS SP212P provides solid performance from 40 Hz to 300 Hz, and is capable of providing 117 dB (@1 m, continuous; 127 dB, peak). The SP212P is equipped with edge casters, pole-socket, and side handles; can be stacked; and the compact size is easily transported.

      Key Features

      • 1,000 W dual-12" portable powered subwoofer
      • Includes dual-channel Powersoft amplifier. One amp channel brought out to NL4, with four DSP settings (8190/8290,114RT-PXO, CPC1210, 80Hz HPF).
      • Operating range: 32 Hz to 80 Hz
      • Includes integrated edge casters, handles, pole-socket, and rigging points


      • Developed for a wide range of professional applications where the highest quality is required
      • Portable systems in corporate rental, live performance, and portable church applications
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