• Dolby 3D

    • Dolby 3D comprises two systems: glasses-free 3D for TVs, PCs, and portable devices; and a unique digital cinema technology. Both systems deliver sharp, vivid images with exceptional color fidelity and realistic 3D effects.

    • James Cameron talks about how Dolby glasses-free 3D brings the ultimate cinematic 3D experience into your home.

      • Spectacular 3D Picture

        The most important aspect of any 3D technology is the picture, and Dolby® 3D delivers. You'll enjoy vivid images with realistic depth and exceptional clarity.

      • 3D on Your TV, Laptop, or Mobile Device

        Dolby 3D works on any 3D device: TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. It automatically optimizes 3D content for the specific device and screen size.

      • Full Resolution

        Other 3D systems deliver only half-resolution to each eye. Dolby 3D upgrades these signals to full-resolution 3D for both glasses-free and traditional glasses-based 3D. You'll enjoy a much sharper picture.

      • At Last—Social 3D

        Sit anywhere in the room for great 3D on your TV. You can have friends over and not have to crowd into one small area—or deal with annoying glasses.

      • Core 3D Technology

        The core component of Dolby 3D is a pixel-accurate conversion/multiview-rendering module. We designed it to deliver the industry's most "depth-accurate" 3D video for glasses-free (autostereoscopic) displays. Other important features of the module include:

        • Real-time conversion of 2D content to 3D
        • User control: you can adjust depth and perspective for any 3D display

        Dolby 3D also features bandwidth-efficient frame-compatible full-resolution (FCFR) video-codec enhancement technology for all devices that support the H.264 video codec. This ensures full HD playback at any connection speed on a wide range of devices.

      • Dolby Vision

        Experience the most true-to-life viewing experience ever seen on a display with Dolby Vision™.

    • Glasses-Free Dolby 3D for Professionals

      A true end-to-end solution, Dolby 3D delivers both artistic and practical advantages. It gives broadcasters and device manufacturers a clear point of differentiation.

      Device Manufacturers

      Dolby glasses-free 3D provides best-in-class display technology for delivering the sharpest, most realistic 3D picture.


      At last, you have a compatible and practical way to provide a premium 3D experience to your subscribers.

      Cinema Exhibitors

      Dolby 3D gives your cinema audiences the best possible 3D experience, while simplifying your 3D operations and improving your balance sheet.

      • Dolby 3D Documents

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    • Cinema 3D Benefits

      • Superior Picture Quality

        Advanced filter technology guarantees crisp, vivid images while minimizing artifacts and halos.

      • A Better Glasses Solution

        High-quality Dolby 3D glasses stay comfortable through the longest features. They fit easily over most prescription glasses. And because they're reusable, they're much more eco-friendly than disposables.

      • Kid-Friendly, Too

        The Dolby 3D glasses also come sized for children, making 3D moviegoing more comfortable and fun for them.

      • Works on Any Screen

        Dolby 3D works on either white or silver screens, so you'll see the best picture in any theatre, from any seat. Other 3D technologies require a silver screen.

      •  A Unique 3D Technology for Cinema

        Dolby 3D differs from other 3D cinema technologies and provides an experience completely faithful to what the movie's creators envisioned. Dolby 3D uses a unique full-spectrum color technology that provides extremely crisp, clear images. The Dolby 3D movie system has a rotating color filter wheel that can insert automatically into a digital projector for 3D movies.

        Inside the projector, the wheel filters the light before the image is formed, resulting in an unaltered image with both its color and quality preserved. For 2D movies, the wheel can be set to automatically retract, avoiding any of the picture-quality issues caused by 3D filters being left in place for 2D shows.

        Dolby 3D projects full-color images for the left and right eyes. The projection uses two slightly different sets of primary colors. The audience wears passive 3D glasses with complementary filters precisely tuned to match the filters in the projector, ensuring that each eye sees the correct image.

        Alongside the projector, the Dolby Filter Controller automatically synchronizes the filter wheel with the 3D digital content as it's projected.

        The Dolby 3D image delivers full quality when projected onto a conventional white screen. Other cinema 3D methods require a highly reflective silver screen to achieve a bright-enough image. However, the silver screen can degrade the 2D experience.

      • Dolby Vision

        Experience the most true-to-life viewing experience ever seen on a display with Dolby Vision™.

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