• Dolby Atmos Transforms Mobile Entertainment

  • Put on any headphones or earbuds, and experience Dolby Atmos sound on your mobile device.

  • Feel Every Dimension

    Dolby Atmos® will completely transform your entertainment on the go with moving audio, putting you inside the experience.

    Slip on any headphones or earbuds, and hear how sounds flow around you from every direction, just as in real life, with real impact. Get the whole story when you watch the video above—and be sure to listen as the ship propeller bounces over you at 0:09 in the clip. 

    Dolby Atmos on your device takes the spatial information from the audio created for the cinema and renders it accurately over headphones to give you the feel of three-dimensional space. Dolby Atmos combines the spatial information with binaural headphone rendering to reconstruct a natural, immersive sound experience. 

    Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos, wherever you go.

  • Devices with Dolby Atmos