• The Life of Pi On/Off Demo

  • The film Life of Pi tells an incredible story that comes to life with not only amazing images, but with stunning sound. And Dolby Digital Plus brings that natural, realistic audio home.

  • Dolby Digital Plus brings the breathtaking audio of Life of Pi to your home or mobile device.

  • Sound is an essential part of the storytelling in Ang Lee's Life of Pi. In the cinema, Dolby Atmos® let you experience the creak of the boat, the whizzing of flying fish overhead, and the emotion of the musical score. 

    "There's a fair amount of music in Life of Pi, but it's definitely not wall-to-wall," says Ronald Bartlett, rerecording mixer for Life of Pi. "It ranges from just about dead silence to a huge storm with big music cues. It's extremely dynamic, which made it a lot of fun to be able to take the audience in places that really went with the story." 

    Dolby® Digital Plus™ makes sure the stunning audio will still feel real whether you're watching Life of Pi on your home theater, PC, or mobile device. For Life of Pi, or any of the hundreds of other films that have benefitted from Dolby technology, your entertainment experience is enhanced with Dolby sound innovations.

  • Dolby Digital Plus

    From home theaters and PCs to mobile phones and online streaming, Dolby Digital Plus™ defines high-fidelity audio with advanced surround sound technology.

  • Dolby Vision

    Dolby Vision™ transforms your cinema and TV viewing experiences with astonishing brightness, contrast, and color.

  • "In an organic way, the music envelops the audience and better tells our story."

    Mychael Danna, Composer, Life of Pi