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    Creating Lux Ahoy: How to Make a Mobile Game Sound Great

  • When the Luxurious Animals team created a mobile version of the company's popular online game, they saw an opportunity. By including the free Dolby Audio API in their build, they could quickly and easily unlock the audio potential hidden within every Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablet to make their game even better.

  • Sink your opponent's ship with cannon fire, and claim all the loot in the world.

  • Partner Profile

    Based in New York, Luxurious Animals is a creative agency that specializes in developing games, websites, mobile apps, and other interactive experiences for clients like HBO, the San Diego Zoo, and Panera. Lux Ahoy features the agency's mascot, a sophisticated monster named Luxamillion, in a pirate battle with Trunkford, a posh elephant.

    The Business Challenge

    With artful graphics and a profound sense of whimsy, Lux Ahoy had already proven itself as an online game. For the mobile version, the team at Luxurious Animals wanted to create a richer experience for fans of the game, one that would make it even more exciting and absorbing.

    As an audio enthusiast, Garrett Nantz, Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer of Luxurious Animals, knew that better mobile sound could be the answer. What he didn't know was whether a handheld device could deliver the massive cannon fire, epic pirate music, and subtle coin sounds that Lux Ahoy needed.

    "I have usually been underwhelmed with how audio translates through the small speakers found on mobile. We thought if anyone had a solution, it would be Dolby and were happily surprised when they introduced their API," said Nantz.

  • Dolby Audio API

    Easy to integrate and absolutely free, the Dolby Audio API makes it possible to include powerful audio enhancements directly in your applications.

  • "The Kindle Fire HD's impressive performance specs and immersive Dolby audio made it the perfect launch platform."

    Garrett Nantz, Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer, Luxurious Animals

    • The Dolby Solution

      As Nantz and the rest of Luxurious Animals soon discovered, improving the audio in a mobile game is not only possible but also surprisingly easy with the Dolby® Audio API. It takes just 15 minutes to integrate and provides developers access to powerful Dolby audio features that are standard in every Kindle Fire™ HD and HDX device. It happens to be free, too.

      Once the team at Luxurious Animals learned about the Dolby Audio API, the rest happened quickly. Using the quick-start guide that comes with the API and a sample application showing how it should be invoked, they were able to integrate it seamlessly into their existing Lux Ahoy project with no disruption to their overall workflow.

      While ease of integration was important, the ultimate test came when Nantz first played the game on a Kindle Fire HD. "The Kindle Fire HD's impressive performance specs and immersive Dolby audio made it the perfect launch platform," Nantz said. "The difference in quality is astounding. Mobile audio finally has bass, and both big and tiny sounds are clear and natural.

      "Even without headphones," he added, "the pirate music and effects seem to surround you."

      Benefits of the Dolby Audio API

      When integrated into mobile games for the Kindle Fire HD (or the Kindle Fire HDX), the Dolby Audio API offers the following benefits:

      • Volume Leveling: maintains constant volume across all content and applications
      • Surround Virtualizer: creates a surround sound experience
      • Audio Optimizer: gives you natural and louder, distortion-free sound
      • Dolby Digital Pass-Through: allows direct home theater connections for a full multichannel experience
  • Kindle Fire HDX

    A full-featured tablet with Dolby Digital Plus™ audio built in, the Kindle Fire HDX is perfect for movies, music, and games.