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  • Dolby transforms the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences.

    Through our innovative research and engineering, we develop breakthroughs that we share with the world through collaborations that span artists, businesses, and consumers worldwide.

    • Platform Brands

      Dolby offers a number of technologies, including visual technologies, business voice technologies, and, of course, audio technologies. We have a set of platform brands that simplify and organize this broad portfolio of offerings around a set of consumer experiences. Appropriate platform brands associated with each technology are outlined in the Dolby Trademarks and Accompanying Statements section of the Professional Partner Guidelines.


      There are two approved logo lockups (vertical and horizontal) and two approved colors (black and white) for each of the Dolby logos.

      Dolby Logos Black & White  

      Dolby logos must be displayed in a way that preserves their integrity. Do not warp, alter, or recolor the logo lockups or their components in any way. Always use artwork provided by Dolby.

      Trademark Acknowledgment

      A trademark acknowledgment statement as listed below shall be displayed whenever the Dolby logo or trademark is used in marketing materials. The acknowledgment must be visible on the marketing material, typically in the form of a footnote, and identify only those Dolby logos and trademarks used. For example, if the Dolby Audio logo appears, use this statement:

      Dolby, Dolby Audio, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

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      These guidelines apply to all usage occasions of Dolby logos. Dolby may revoke permission to use Dolby trademarks and logos at any time. Dolby reserves the right to withhold approval of content if it’s inconsistent with the Dolby brand or the brand guidelines.

    • Dolby Laboratories brand logo icon
    • Licensed Dolby Manufacturers

      Use this list to verify that consumer electronics products you purchase bearing the Dolby logo and trademark are genuinely licensed by Dolby Laboratories.