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    Dolby Audio Helps Take Lux Ahoy to the Next Level

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  • Dolby technologies help you create spectacular soundtracks that complement your dazzling game graphics and enhance their impact. Players get a competitive advantage and feel as if they're actually inside the game.

  • Developing Games with Dolby Surround Technologies

    Graphics can make a game spectacular but sound makes it real. And proven Dolby® audio technologies give you the power and flexibility to design soundtracks that perfectly fit your creations.

    Whether you're developing a mobile or console game, great audio quality can make your creation stand out. Our innovative technologies are easy to implement—and we support you every step of the way, from creating the sound to calibrating your studio facility.

    • Active Sound Positioning: Dedicated gamers look for the total experience—Dolby encoding provides it. You can map sounds to follow the screen action and position them precisely. Give players a listening experience that rivals a Hollywood blockbuster.
    • Give Players a Competitive Edge: Your sound design can provide audio cues for offscreen actions to give players a competitive advantage. An enemy sneaking up behind? Dolby technologies let players hear those footsteps just in time. Games are more exciting, more real.
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