Social impact
Social impact

Social impact

Dolby brings art and science together to inspire the next generation of innovators, and address the most critical needs in our communities.

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Strengthening our communities

At Dolby, we believe to truly make a positive impact, we must be active partners in our local communities. We take a holistic approach to social impact, providing volunteer, in-kind and financial support to nonprofit organizations that are addressing the most critical needs in our global communities. Through our Dolby Cares Program, employees from our offices in 20+ countries volunteeras individuals, as part of a work team or through our diversity and inclusion employee networks. From tutoring youth and mentoring adults reentering the workforce, to delivering meals to seniors or providing legal services through our legal pro-bono program, our employees are making ourcommunities stronger.

Our impact

Inspiring the next generation of innovators

We believe that a diversity of experiences, ideas, and approaches leads to the greatest innovations. At the heart of our educational efforts is sharing Dolby's unique position at the intersection of science, technology, and art with a new generation.

We provide curriculum support and mentoring as well as educational field trips for hundreds of students from diverse backgrounds to meet Dolby employees, learn about our technologies, explore the workplace and future career opportunities.

We partner with organizations like Girls Who Code, Women’s Audio Mission, Greene Scholars, and the Bay Area Video Coalition in the US, Women on the Move in France, and the New South Wales Women in Engineering summer camp for teens in Australia. 

Closing the gender gap

Girls Who Code participants collaborate on a design-thinking exercise at Dolby’s San Francisco headquarters.

Immersive experiences

Dolby’s London office opens its doors and Dolby Atmos technology to local students.

Career exposure

Students in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Academy at Burton High School work on media concepts on a visit to Dolby's headquarters.

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Addressing critical community needs

People and their stories are important to us. We enable amazing storytelling through our technologies. And we believe it's critical to listen to people in our local communities, hear their stories, and understand their challenges. Through our Dolby Cares program, we help build a brighter future for people experiencing homelessness and other challenges, by providing basic necessities, job-readiness education, mentoring, and support with partners that include Downtown Streets Team, Code Tenderloin, St. Anthony’s, and Olive Crest in the US and Wayside Chapel and St. Vincent de Paul in Australia.

Supporting students

Dolby volunteers help local students though tutoring, enrichment programs, and graduate support services.

Exploring accessible technology

Dolby volunteers share Dolby technology with students from the Beijing School for the Blind.

Hands-on engagement

Dolby employees build planter boxes and edible gardens at the local Boys and Girls Club.

Supporting our neighbors in need

Dolby partners with Downtown Streets Team in San Francisco to beautify the neighborhood and help end homelessness through the dignity of work.

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Addressing global social issues

Dolby believes that ethical business practices are the only business practices. We support the conflict minerals requirements associated with the Dodd-Frank Act and we are actively engaged within our business to meet these requirements. We are also committed to complying with the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and have taken steps to ensure modern slavery and human trafficking do not play a role in our business. Please see our policy statements addressing these initiatives below.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Conflict Materials SEC Filing

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement


Learn more

If your organization is based in one of Dolby’s communities and your work aligns with our focus areas — inspiring the next generation of innovators or addressing our communities' most critical needs — we’d love to hear from you. Please send information about your volunteer opportunities and programs to us at

For more information about Dolby’s commitment to our people, communities and environment, visit Sustainability@Dolby.