Attempting to Delay the Inevitable

Sophie Clements

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Medium: Audio Video

Location: San Francisco

Year: 2016


Sophie Clements’s Attempting to Delay the Inevitable (2016) explores three pillars of movie-making: the illusion of truth, the emotional and wondrous experience of ordinary things, and the seduction of the impossible. Smoke, mirrors, and water appear suspended in a single moment, transformed into cinematic sculptures using time-slice photography and video. Taking inspiration from ideas in science and experimental music, visual artist Clements manipulates time to create highly constructed objects that grow from their surroundings.


Sophie Clements






Attempting to Delay the Inevitable (2016) Sophie Clements with Jo Wills (collaboration on sound).


Based in London, Clements's art explores the use of video as a form of sculpture, employing such devices as sculptural installation and video projection to deconstruct and reassemble time and material in order to question the notion of physical reality in relation to time and memory.