Territory Studio

Inspired by the sci-fi noir film genre established by films such as Blade RunnerThe Fifth Element, and Akira, Territory Studio created their own vision of a futuristic city. Using Dolby Gallery’s extraordinary LED canvas as a window onto an alternate reality, the team’s photorealistic 3D animation presents multiple narratives that visitors can engage with simultaneously. With its ambient soundscape rendered in the breakthrough audio of Dolby Atmos®, the installation becomes a richly immersive and evocative dialogue with the future.


Medium: Audio Video 
Location: San Francisco 
Date: 2017

Territory is an independent design studio based in London, San Francisco, and New York City. Operating at the intersection of emotive storytelling, creative technology, and experimental design, the studio thrives on near and future vision challenges — bridging Hollywood and Silicon Valley — melding environment, technology, and experience. 

Territory Studio

In celebration of Dolby Cinema® and the release of Blade Runner 2049, Dolby Gallery presented a screening of the film. Before the screening, Academy Award®-winning sound designer Mark Mangini discussed the film's sound design with Glenn Kiser, director of the Dolby Institute.