Reza Ali

Reza Ali is a computational designer, graphics software engineer, and new media artist with a master’s degree in multimedia engineering. His works explore visual music, real-time generative composition, 3D printing, and digital fabrication.


Medium: Audio Video
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2015

Reza worked with software engineer Ryan McGee to create Concourse, an installation that comprises generative visuals and synthetics sound that come together in real-time spatial composition. During the day Concourse functions as a window into a synthetic landscape that transforms over time.

The landscape is inhabited by dynamic creatures that create sounds. As these creatures move, so do their sounds through the physical space. During the day the sound is ambient, synthesized in real-time from the landscape and its creatures. At night, Concourse uses the large luminescence LED screen as a canvas for minimal abstract monochromatic generative visual light "notes".