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What do you get when you merge artistic design and new media technology? “Interactive art,” in Pablo Gnecco’s words. The experiential artist and motion designer took his fine art background and joined media artist Daniel Moore and his technology and software expertise to form StudioStudio, an interactive installation and software development company in New York City. The duo uses their unique training to create new, experimental ways of storytelling.

Medium: Interactive, Sculpture
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2015

For Dolby®, they created Moment, an interactive sculpture representing the artifacts of an individual’s presence in time and space by visualizing — with light and color — the person's movement and sound. In layman’s terms, they use audio detection to note the ambient sounds of a person’s speech and movement in the space, which thereby influences the shape and form of the sculpture. As for the nitty-gritty, the installation consists of two wall-hanging sculptures roughly 6 by 13 feet each. The sculptures interpret sound as energy and as a wave. Each sculpture houses a complex LED matrix that serves as the display for the installation. Sounds and movement in the space direct colorful motion patterns that wash from the sculptures onto the surrounding surfaces. Sensors and cameras capture and analyze motion and sound within the space to allow for playful interaction with individuals in the space. 
How did you approach the project for Dolby?


Dan: "For Dolby, we started with about five ideas. The idea we landed on was the wave forms, the visuals kind of fit with what Dolby stands for — this audio engineering company that built really good sound products, and has really cool technologies behind them. So we wanted to bring that into the shape of the sculpture and also play with this kind of volumetric display that no one’s really doing much work with."

Pablo Gnecco

How does technology play a role in your work?


Pablo: "Most or all of our artwork is a combination of technology and design.... I think the technology that’s coming out right now, and with the tools that we have, we’re able to create new technologies. The most interesting part about everything is that technology might be the tool right now that is creating these limitless possibilities. You throw creativity in there, and abstract ideas, and then you are able to create just about anything."

Tell us more about Moment


Pablo: "In the time we’re in right now, artists and technologists are coming together to create something new. I think that’s something very interesting that Dolby’s also doing. They’re a half-a-century-old company, and they are transitioning from their old aesthetics into this new world where art, science and technology are playing a very big role in how we tell stories and communicate.... So, we created Moment, an interactive sculpture that can represent motion, sound, interaction, and communication with light. It is representative of this intersection of art, science, and technology; there’s something really good there."