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Dolby Dimension FAQ

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What is Dolby LifeMix and how does it work?

Dolby LifeMix is a revolutionary new technology that lets you control how much you hear of your surroundings, from a perfect blend of your entertainment and life around you (Transparency) to shutting out the world (Active Noise Cancellation).

How many Bluetooth devices can be paired with Dolby Dimension?

Three devices can be mapped to the Source Buttons on the right ear cup. One source can be actively connected at a time. With the Dolby Dimension app, you can manage up to eight devices.

What is One-Touch Switching and how does it work?

Moving from room to room and device to device should be simple so you can focus on your show instead of on menus and settings. With Dolby Dimension, a single button press connects you straight to your device. Dolby Dimension features three Source Buttons that can be easily paired with three different devices.

How much battery life does Dolby Dimension have?
  • Up to 10 hours with LifeMix and Virtualization
  • Up to 15 hours with low power mode
  • QUICK CHARGE: Get 2 hours of playback with a 15- to 20-minute charge. The battery will be charged enough to watch a typical feature-length film.
  • FULL CHARGE: Approximately 2 hours.
What TV models can I pair with Dolby Dimension?

Dolby Dimension can pair with any models that are Bluetooth®-enabled.

How do I pair Dolby Dimension to my TV?

From your TV’s Settings menu, go to Home > Settings > Sound and check to see if the model supports Bluetooth devices. If yes, your Dolby Dimension should show up in the pairing menu. NOTE: Only one Dolby Dimension can be connected to the TV at a time.

What if my TV doesn't support Bluetooth?

Many DMAs (Digital Media Assistants) such as Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV are Bluetooth enabled and can pair with Dolby Dimension.

In which countries is the Dolby Dimension App available?

The Dolby Dimension App is only available in the US.

Does Dolby Dimension include Dolby Atmos?

When a source device is capable of Dolby Atmos for headphones the consumer will enjoy a binauralized Dolby Atmos experience. If the source device does not have such capability, Dolby Dimension will upmix from stereo to deliver a 5.1.2 virtualized upmix. Dolby Dimension uses an algorithm trained with Machine Learning to dynamically detect when a source device is decoding and rendering Dolby Atmos content, and automatically adapts its processing to ensure the best overall experience.

Dolby Bluetooth Adapter for TV FAQ

Using Bluetooth Adapter for TV

How do I (physically) connect the Dolby Bluetooth Adapter for TV?

The Dolby Bluetooth Adapter for TV plugs in to any 5V USB port on your TV, or through any standard USB wall adapter. It was built to run off of the power from your TV ideally. When plugged in and receiving power, the white LED on the back will light up.

Can I watch with two headphones at the same time?

Yes, the Dolby Bluetooth Adapter for TV will allow two headphones to connect and watch simultaneously. Simply pair and connect to both source buttons on the Bluetooth Adapter for TV, both source lights should be illuminated, and audio should play out of both headphones.

How far away from the TV can I sit using Dolby Bluetooth Adapter for TV and wireless headphones?

The range for the adapter is up to 100 feet (33 meters) when connecting/watching with a single pair of headphones. When connecting two headphones to the adapter to watch together, the range may decrease slightly. For best results, ensure that your adapter is separated from other RF emitters, such as WiFi routers.

Does this work with my PS4/Xbox?

Yes, you can use Dolby Bluetooth Adapter for TV with your PS4™ and/or Xbox®. You can connect either through the Optical out of your console or the TV to which the console is connected. Make sure the optical out is enabled on whichever device is used.

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