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Dolby Institute launches Dolby Atmos online training

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The Dolby Institute, in partnership with the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, has launched the first online training curriculum focused on Dolby Atmos®. The instruction is free of charge and available at

“Dolby Atmos has been embraced by the top talents in the feature film and television sound business,” explained Dolby Institute Director Glenn Kiser. “But we saw a need to develop scalable tools and make them available to anyone who wants to learn how to use this amazing storytelling tool.” 

The online curriculum has launched with two modules: a Dolby Atmos Core Concepts overview, which will provide audio professionals with a understanding of the Dolby Atmos ecosystem and how content is authored, mastered, and delivered.  

The second course focuses on Dolby Atmos mixing for live television, and provides step-by-step instruction on the process of configuring Dolby® equipment to deliver a Dolby Atmos mix for live broadcast content.  

Additional courses are in development and will be available soon.



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