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I. Terms & Conditions

At Dolby, we appreciate all the hard work that Music Mix Engineers (including music producers and artists who mix their tracks) put into creating music. In order to recognize those who have mixed the most tracks in the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos, Dolby has created a rewards program.

The Dolby Atmos Music Mix Engineers Honour Club (the “Program”) recognizes Music Mix Engineers that are creating music in Dolby Atmos with the rewards as described below. The Program is governed by these terms and conditions (the “Terms”).


To be eligible for the Program:

  • You must be a Music Mix Engineer (including music producers and artists who mix their tracks), at least 18 years of age, resident of Thailand and have achieved a milestone listed below. Corporations, associations or other groups are not eligible for the Program.
  • You must have achieved at least of one the following milestones:


Mixed 10 tracks in Dolby Atmos & have had a public release as ATMOS playback

Silver Plaque

Mixed 50 tracks in Dolby Atmos & have had a public release as ATMOS playback

Century Plaque

Mixed 100 tracks in Dolby Atmos & have had a public release as ATMOS playback

Gold Plaque

Mixed 250 tracks in Dolby Atmos & have had a public release as ATMOS playback

  • To be counted towards the above milestones, a track must be a sound recording identified by a unique ISRC that was mixed using Dolby Atmos Production Suite (DAPS) & or mastered using Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite (DAMS) and published before 13 January 2023.
  • Your Reward will correspond to the achieved milestone for which you apply.
  • You may apply for higher Rewards as you continue to mix and master more & more tracks in Dolby Atmos and achieve higher milestones, but you will only receive a maximum of one Reward for each milestone achieved.


  • Eligible Music Mix Engineers may apply for a Reward by completing and submitting the application form at http://mmedolby.com/thi.php.
  • Rewards are awarded at Dolby’s sole discretion and eligibility does not guarantee a Reward. We will review your application to verify your eligibility.
  • You will be notified by email if your application is approved, and your Reward will be shipped to the address provided in your application. Please be sure to provide your complete address. Please also provide your full legal name in case you must collect your Reward in person.


  • After you submit your shipping information, we will customize your Reward with the name provided by you in your application and ship it to you at the address provided.
  • Rewards are subject to availability. If a Reward is available for you, then you can expect to receive it approximately 2-3 weeks after providing all requested information. Otherwise, you will be notified when your Reward becomes available.
  • After we ship your Reward, you are responsible for coordinating with the delivery company, including providing any additional documentation or information that it requests, to facilitate the delivery.


  • The Program is offered at the sole discretion of the entity listed for your country here (“Dolby”). Dolby reserves the right to add to and/or change these Terms at any time, and the notice of any such change being effective upon publication. Dolby also reserves the right to terminate the Program upon three 3 months' prior notice, and applications received after such termination date will be ineligible for a Reward.  Such notices, if any, will be published at https://www.dolby.com/en-in/mme/.
  • The Program is currently open for a period of 12 months, starting 14 January 2022 and ending 13 January 2023.
  • Rewards must be redeemed in accordance with Program communications. Dolby is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen or damaged Rewards. If your Reward is lost (including during shipping) then you may have to purchase a replacement to get your Reward.
  • Rewards are for personal use only and may not be sold or distributed for profit. Rewards are not refundable, exchangeable, replaceable, redeemable, or transferable for cash, credit or other awards. Rewards recognize your achievement but do not constitute an endorsement by Dolby of your work.
  • By submitting an application:
    • You agree that Dolby, its subsidiaries and its affiliates, and their service providers and agents may process the personal information submitted by you as part of the application process (including contact details) for the purposes of operating the Program, administering Rewards, and otherwise, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available at https://www.dolby.com/us/en/about/privacy/privacy-policy.html
    • You agree that, if your application is approved, Dolby may include your name and studio among a list of Reward recipients, with such list published on the websites of Dolby and its affiliates and otherwise used and distributed for marketing purposes.
    • You release Dolby, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, from any and all liability regarding your participation in the Program, including your application for, and use of, a Reward. You agree that you will not publicly disparage the Program, the Reward application process, or the Reward itself.
  • Dolby reserves the right to disqualify an application that violates these Terms. If Dolby, in its sole discretion, determines that you violated these Terms, including but not limited to, engaging in fraud or abuse relating to the redemption of a Reward, Dolby may request your forfeiture of the Reward, and you will be ineligible to receive future Rewards.
  • All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for and redemption of Rewards will be resolved by Dolby at its sole discretion.
  • The determination of any tax or other applicable liability arising out of the receipt of a Reward will be your sole responsibility.
  • These Terms supersede all previous statements, reports, descriptions or explanations of the Program.
  • These Terms are governed by and construed under the laws (excluding conflicts of law provisions) of California.