Apple TV+ in Dolby Atmos

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Get the best of Apple TV+ with Dolby Atmos

Apple TV+ features a wide range of series, films, and documentaries that let you experience a new wave of sound designed with depth that truly brings you into the story.

All you need to access this immersive audio experience is an Apple TV+ subscription and a device enabled with Dolby Atmos. Fill your space by connecting your TV to a soundbar, or enjoy Apple Originals on the go with a mobile device or tablet enabled with Dolby Atmos.


Dolby Atmos takes Apple TV+ audio to the next level

Dolby Atmos gives you a next-level spatial sound experience, adding an extra dimension to the surround sound setups that already place you in the action. Watching Apple Original films and series in Dolby Atmos elevates the experience, allowing you to hear sound from every angle, including from overhead.

Experience the multidimensional soundscape of Dolby Atmos with Apple Original Films starring the world’s greatest musicians — including Bruce Springsteen, Billie Eilish, and Beastie Boys. Have a blockbuster movie night with Tom Hanks in Greyhound, the Oscar® winner for Best Picture, CODA, and more. Plus, entertain the whole family with immersive docuseries like Prehistoric Planet, Earth at Night in Color, and Tiny World.


How to get the best Dolby Atmos experience on Apple TV+

Watching Apple Originals in Dolby Atmos is simple. You just need an Apple TV+ subscription and a device enabled with Dolby Atmos sound. While exploring series and films, just look for the Dolby Atmos badge in the content details.

You can stream Apple Originals in Dolby Atmos with the Apple TV app using supported streaming devices like Apple TV 4K, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Be sure to use high-quality HDMI cables to connect your devices. You can also stream wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device using AirPlay or Chromecast.

With these elements in place, you’ll get the most immersive experience from Apple TV+ and be able to enjoy layers of sound in a spatial sound environment designed around you. What are you waiting for? Find an entertainment setup that is right for you with our interactive guide.