Netflix in Dolby Atmos

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Netflix in Dolby Atmos

Netflix is synonymous with streaming entertainment. It’s a place where you know you can always find something interesting to watch. From the gritty, futuristic sci-fi of Altered Carbon to the roaring reality of the documentary series Formula 1: Drive to Survive and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. But what if we told you there was a way to experience many of your favourite series and films more fully than ever? There is. And that’s by enjoying them in the immersive, spatial sound of Dolby Atmos®.

Netflix carries many films and series with Dolby Atmos — many of which are also in Dolby Vision®, which you can learn more about here — and its own Netflix Original productions are often in Dolby Atmos. This makes sense for a company committed to home entertainment. Dolby Atmos brings lifelike sound into your living room. If you think that Army of the Dead is scary to watch, wait until the Dolby Atmos sounds fill your space, putting you inside a multidimensional soundscape. But Dolby Atmos can make you smile and laugh too. Whether it’s the gentle humour of Klaus, an animated Santa Claus origin story, or the wacky family sci-fi of The Mitchells vs. The Machines, Dolby Atmos brings a new wave of sound to the whole family.


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How Dolby Atmos enhances your Netflix viewing experience

Dolby Atmos is an exciting spatial audio technology first developed for cinemas that you can now bring home. What does spatial audio technology mean? Simply put, it means that sound is no longer limited to coming out of a specific speaker. Even in multi-speaker surround sound home cinema setups, the sounds are played through individual speakers to create your audio experience. In Dolby Atmos, sounds can be placed in 3D space. A helicopter can float overhead. A race car can roar past you and then weave in front of you. Dolby Atmos is entertainment you can feel.

And one of the best things about Dolby Atmos is that there’s a way to experience it that suits you and your lifestyle. Some TVs are enabled with Dolby Atmos and can deliver the experience right out of the box. You can also use a TV soundbar enabled with Dolby Atmos and listen as it places and moves sounds around the room. It’s simple to set up, too — check out our interactive guide here. You can also watch your series on a phone, tablet, or computer enabled with Dolby Atmos, using the device’s speakers or, in many cases, headphones.

And, if you’re really into film, there are full, multi-speaker configurations that will bring you as close to a full cinema experience as possible. Dolby Atmos give you the choice of how you want to experience crisp, clean sound you can hear from every angle.

Dolby Atmos lets creators really make sound an integral part of their production. And by bringing Dolby Atmos home, you can experience the full impact of that. And Netflix is a great way to dive into the sound and experience detail that grabs your attention. Whether it’s the spooky atmosphere of The Haunting of Hill House or being enveloped by the sounds of nocturnal nature in Night on Earth, Dolby puts you in the middle of it all.


Enjoying Dolby Atmos on Netflix

Watching Netflix content in Dolby Atmos is simple. You just need a premium subscription to Netflix and a way to experience Dolby Atmos sound: a TV enabled with Dolby Atmos, a soundbar, or a speaker setup enabled with Dolby Atmos. While you scroll through the catalogue of available content, just look for the Dolby Atmos badge in the information listing.

You can stream Dolby Atmos content on Netflix using your TV set’s built-in operating system, or you can also use a gaming console or set-top box enabled with Dolby Atmos. Make sure you use high-quality HDMI cables to connect your devices. You can also stream wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device using, for example, Chromecast or AirPlay. Or, if you’re on the go and have a device enabled with Dolby Atmos connected to your Netflix account, you can enjoy Dolby Atmos outside your home. Popping on some headphones enabled with Dolby Atmos means you can enjoy the bold, beautiful sound while others sleep.

No matter which way you chose you’ll get the most immersive experience from your Netflix subscription with layers of sound placed all around, above, and below you. What are you waiting for? Let us help you get started with our interactive setup guide just for you.


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