• Blu-ray Players and Discs with Dolby

  • Dolby technologies enhance the Blu-ray experience with 100 percent lossless audio and support for special interactive features.

  • The Best of Both Worlds

    Blu-ray Disc™ provides the most intense visual brilliance and audio definition possible for your home theater. While a Blu-ray Disc may resemble a traditional DVD, it contains many times the data and offers capabilities all its own, including:

    • Full 1080p video resolution
    • Up to 7.1 channels of sound
    • Picture-in-picture commentary

    Superior Video Resolution

    Developed jointly by leaders in consumer electronics and entertainment, the Blu-ray Disc first appeared as a prototype in 2000. A few years later the first consumer Blu-ray Disc players went on sale. To read data from a disc, these devices use a blue laser, not the red laser of DVD players, and it's this distinction that inspired the Blu-ray name.

    But the difference that matters most to your enjoyment of a movie or a concert video is performance, and that's where Blu-ray™ really shines. No other format can equal the video quality of a Blu-ray Disc. At 1920 × 1080 pixels, it offers higher video resolution than DVD and even HDTV. The audio quality of Blu-ray also sets it apart.

    Accurate and Powerful Audio

    With lossless audio—that is, audio bit-for-bit identical to the studio master—you experience exactly what the artist intended. Dolby® TrueHD delivers 100 percent lossless audio for Blu-ray Disc.

    You hear every nuance, every detail of the original mix, with complete accuracy. And because Dolby TrueHD supports up to 7.1 channels, this lossless audio surrounds you for even greater realism.

    Many producers and directors choose Dolby TrueHD for their Blu-ray Disc releases, and most Blu-ray players feature built-in Dolby TrueHD decoding. Dolby TrueHD decoding can also deliver lossless PCM from Blu-ray soundtracks to downstream devices.

    Dolby Digital Plus™ represents another important audio technology for Blu-ray. It supports interactive features like BonusView™, an embedded picture-in-picture option that mixes secondary audio and video content, and BD-Live™, which displays content streamed from the Internet.

    And if you use your Internet-connected Blu-ray player to access services like Netflix and Vudu, Dolby Digital Plus can decode their premium multichannel audio.

  • Get Dolby Atmos Audio on Blu-ray

    Check out the growing list of titles with Dolby Atmos® audio quality.