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Dolby revolutionizes the science of sight and sound through our innovative research and engineering, empowering creatives to elevate their stories, and offering fans unforgettable experiences in Dolby.

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Experience the Dolby Difference

Dolby’s remarkable audiovisual technologies heighten and deepen your experiences, helping you feel more. It’s the heavy downpour in a moody scene. The stunningly vivid sunset in the show’s season finale. The song you feel deep in your chest. The footsteps lurking behind you on the video game battlefield. The voice of a colleague on a call who lives across the globe but sounds like they’re right next to you.

We breathe life into these experiences through our innovative audiovisual technologies. This is the Dolby Difference.


In Dolby

Our entertainment categories show consumers that now it’s easier than ever to experience the music, TV, movies, and gaming they love — in Dolby.

Empowering creatives

We're inspired by the passion and curiosity of artists, filmmakers, musicians, and storytellers. We offer creatives new tools and technologies to remove any barriers and help them realize their full potential.

Dolby is home to artists, scientists, and engineers dedicated to dreaming up breakthrough technologies that are transforming audio and visual experiences in ways you never thought possible. We're proud to build innovative technologies that enable creatives to inspire and move us all.

Find out how the Dolby Institute is helping to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of content creators.

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