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    Expand Your Horizons with Innovative Audio and Display Technologies

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    From HTIB systems to custom installations, A/V components with Dolby® technologies deliver compelling surround sound and visuals.
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    Broadcast Solutions

    Rely on our innovative and practical end-to-end solutions to help you meet growing expectations in an evolving broadcast world.
    Broadcast Solutions

    Cinema Solutions

    Choose from a full range of integrated, end-to-end postproduction, audio, and imaging solutions to create even higher quality cinema.
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    Content Creation Tools

    Find the tools, technologies, and support to create, mix, monitor, and produce premium audio for delivery via Blu-ray™, DVD, and online streaming.
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    Content Services

    Let Dolby Content Services help you deliver the best possible movie experiences.
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    Game Development

    Create spectacular soundtracks that complement your dazzling game graphics and enhance their impact.
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    PC and Mobile Industry

    Differentiate your mobile service by delivering quality surround sound for any device, anywhere.
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    Learn how to simplify your workflow and deliver up to 7.1 channels of quality surround sound to any device, anywhere.
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    Innovative Broadcast Solutions

    Meet today's challenges, and get the edge in delivering the immersive and personalized audio your customers will expect in the future.

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    Find innovative tools that enable you to create, distribute, and deliver engaging content at home, in the theatre, and on a multitude of devices.

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