• Getting Licensed

  • Thank you for your interest in Dolby Laboratories. To apply for a license to include Dolby technologies in your products, please follow these instructions.

  • If you are an existing Dolby Licensee, please contact your sales manager.

    If you are not yet a Dolby Licensee, please follow the steps listed below.

    Getting Licensed: Step 1

    Determine whether your product or content is aimed at the consumer or professional market:


    • A/V receivers
    • Digital televisions
    • DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ players
    • Integrated circuits
    • Mobile devices
    • PC hardware or software
    • Portable media players
    • Set-top boxes
    • Software implementations within products for consumers


    • Broadcast
    • Content for public broadcast, wide distribution, and/or retail sale
    • Media authoring
    • Postproduction
    • Professional music
    • Television production

    Step 2

    Complete one of the following application forms to indicate your interest in the consumer or professional license. We will then contact you and send you the appropriate questionnaire to license Dolby® technology.

    Step 3

    Complete the questionnaire and send it, along with any requested financial information, to Dolby for review and approval.

    Step 4

    Dolby will send you a contract to complete—review, sign, and return the contract with the initial license fee. We will then send you the requested technology; marketing, testing, and implementation tools; and other important information about working with Dolby.

    Step 5

    Submit your product or implementation containing Dolby technology for testing to ensure that it meets our quality standards. Upon approval, your company becomes an official Dolby Licensee. You will be added to the Dolby Licensee list so you can work with other Dolby Licensees to buy or sell implementations.

    Windows 8 Licensing Program

    If you would like to license the Dolby technologies included in the Windows 8 operating system, please complete the questionnaire on the Windows 8 Licensing Program page and indicate how many devices your OEM company will be making per year. Based on your response, we will assist you with obtaining a new licensing agreement to support the use of Dolby technologies in Windows 8, which must be executed prior to the shipment of any Windows 8 devices.

     Agreement for Encoded Content and Media

    If you would like to use Dolby trademarks to indicate that your recorded audio content has been encoded with Dolby technologies, or to use Dolby trailers at the beginning of broadcasts, games, or video programs, you must complete a Dolby Logo Use Agreement Application (trademark agreement).

    Agreement for Motion Pictures

    If you are creating a motion picture and want to release it in Dolby Digital audio, you will need to complete a Motion Picture Service Agreement (MPSA).

    Licensed Dolby Manufacturers

    Use this list to verify that consumer electronics products you purchase bearing the Dolby logo and trademark are genuinely licensed by Dolby Laboratories.

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