Bring Dolby Home Program Information and Disclaimers

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How Dolby sources product information

Dolby uses automated feeds from various sources across data aggregators and retailer APIs to display third-party products on Dolby’s websites. Dolby relies on manufacturers to update the information about their products with aggregators and retailers in order for Dolby to be able to display their products on Dolby’s websites accurately.

Selection of products

Dolby would like to display all products that are Dolby Atmos- and/or Dolby Vision-enabled, to the extent possible based on available information. Dolby does not intend to promote one Dolby-enabled product over another. Dolby recommends that consumers conduct their own research in order to further educate themselves about Dolby-enabled products and how to purchase them.

How to get added to the “Bring Dolby Home” page

Manufacturers can contact Icecat, Dolby’s main data aggregator, at any time to provide metadata concerning their products enabled with Dolby Vision and/or Dolby Atmos. Manufacturers will need to provide a predefined list of attributes to be added to the website. Please see below instructions from Icecat.
Icecat instructions

You can add your product data for free via Icecat’s Free Vendor Central program:

You can register at Icecat for free here:

To ensure proper and quick processing and follow-up on your request, be sure to email your login name to:

Manuals explaining Free Vendor Central:


Should you have many products that need to be added, please contact Otto van Bentum, for more information.


Retailers can contact your Dolby representative at any time to find out more about participating in the “Bring Dolby Home” program.